TSIG Mission

Purpose: Providing a Healthy & Thriving Workplace Environment

Our Niche: Exceptional Customer Service With a Risk Management Approach

Core Values

  • Be Humbly Confident
  • Build Comradery
  • Customer Service Focused
  • Does What It Takes
  • Do The Right Thing
  • Have Fun!


Our Commitment

With the Salvati Insurance Group, you’ll understand the difference between having insurance and being adequately insured. We will educate and advise you in making sound financial insurance decisions. Our commitment to you is a customer service-focused approach that always puts you first.

Our Guiding Principal

Our founding principle is to be humbly confident, professional, and caring to those who know us. We understand the importance of meeting and exceeding our professional responsibilities to our clients, associates, and community. We strive to be industry leaders who always do the right thing.

A Culture of Success

Our office is full of passionate, friendly, career- and team-oriented professionals with a “does what it takes” mentality that has made them successful. When you walk into our office for the first time, you can expect a warm welcome from each and every team member.

The supportive yet competitive environment at The Salvati Insurance Group, Inc. drives individuals to achieve their personal best every day. Our open, cooperative space ensures that coworkers push each other to achieve the highest levels of success by providing encouragement and assistance whenever needed.

An Employee-First Approach

Our leadership, works on behalf of the employees; new employees have the support necessary to find success from day one. The teams built here are strong. Account managers and producers are available and accessible — but they also make time for comradery and fun. The relationships in our office extend beyond the parking lot. It’s common for employees to play on sports teams together, perform community service, and plan after-hours events for the entire office.

Overall, the culture The culture at The Salvati Insurance Group, Inc. is something that we not only pride ourselves on but believe is essential to our company’s success and our employees’ happiness.

It makes each individual’s career with us more than just a job; it’s an extended family.